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4 Phases to Create Success - Free Webinar plus bonus Success Fundamentals eBook

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The 4 Phases of Success will show you how to create success in your life. The road to success requires passion and commitment. If you don’t have a clear definition of what success is, you’re just creating a suffering until you arrive to that place..

What our clients are saying:

Eddie Pena at Long Beach California - Client's Feedback

"I first heard Richard Martinez speak at an event in Long Beach, California, in 2019 with thousands of people in attendance. From the moment Richard started speaking, I knew there something special about Richard as a speaker. I was impressed by how he carrier himself, his positive energy, how he engaged with the audience, and the life-changing content he provided during his talk. Richard speaks with conviction, confidence and is a living example of what he preaches. Richard inspires and motivates other to become the best version of themselves and to get rid of any obstacles they have in their life. I have been in rooms where Richard would host webinars, and I would see the positive impact he would have on the audience in the room. I would see breakthroughs by the end of the meeting. My experience with Richard as a speaker has been inspirational, motivating, and nothing short of extraordinary. Personally, I know Richard has made a positive impact in my life as he has inspired me to become the best version of myself and be an example to inspire others to do the same."

– Eddie Peña

"As President, and CEO of several Collision Automotive shops, and a national advisory council for the automotive industry, to include the Society of collision repair specialist with identifying and recommending entrepreneurs and firms to successfully access and develop skilled women, and young adults within the workforce and local communities. I highly advocate and endorse Richard Martinez as our recognized lead mentor for our team leaders within our corporation, and associations."

Anna Abbott

Meet Richard Martinez

Richard Martinez is an international keynote speaker, a recognized leader in coaching, and an expert entrepreneur. Martinez earned his Honorary Doctorate at Universidad Internacional en Desarrollo Humano y Liderazgo, Mexico City, for his life accomplishments and contributions to society. Martinez is co-founder of The Rise Academy, an online academy for personal, professional, and business development. He is also the founder of The NowRise Foundation, a nonprofit organization, and owner of You-nification. Here he helps his clients unify their body, soul, and spirit, which leads them to achieve their full potential.
Read more about Richard's background HERE.

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By Richard Martinez

Group Coaching

Are you the type of person that seeks to grow in your career or business consistently? Are you seeking to create financial security or financial freedom?
Most business owners and career-minded people constantly look for ways to advance quicker, more effectively, and consistently; if this sounds like you, continue reading.



Mindset Program

This unique and powerful 8-chapter program is not for everyone. It’s not for the fainthearted, it’s not for the fear-filled, and it’s not for the complainer and blamer. This program is for the mature and hungry. This program is for individuals who are in it to win it and set on accomplishing their goals. This program is for those who have one option: to SUCCEED and ENJOY the process. If you like the way this sounds, keep reading; if not, I wish you the best of luck in all that you do.





By Richard Martinez

Life Mastery Planner

This planner is for the high achiever that desires to be organized and clear in order to produce more with less stress. It’s for those who have big goals and want to progress effectively and constantly for a long period of time without burnout.

This Planner brings together a structure for both ALIGNMENT AND ACHIEVEMENT so that you can experience immediate and long-term results in your life. This planner makes things very clear for you so that your level of commitment and courage RISES and likewise your confidence, achievement, and results.



The Art of Relationships - Best Seller!

Many learn about relationships from their parents or Hollywood, and many of them were or are not good examples. So many have more sexual relationships than they have had cars. They think it’s normal. Many change their partner like their shoes. First, know that you were created for a relationship. It’s important for your health and happiness. Some want to avoid people and connections because of fear and past pains. We must set our own standards and fight for them. Stand for something, know what it is that you want in a relationship.



Communication & Relationship Building: The 4 Personalities

Do you want to be able to connect and communicate with anyone? Or do you want to create influence in your relationships but don’t know how to do so?

In this book, you will learn how to connect and communicate with anyone. You will be taught how to make others feel understood by you so much it will create influence. You will learn to identify someone’s personality type within the first 10-30 seconds. You will also be taught how to mirror and match the other personalities, so they feel connected and understood.




What is the basis of success in life? What will give you the edge in creating success and happiness? Life is built on and around relationships. All the most important areas of our lives are based on relationships. The better quality of relationships, the better quality of life we will have. Whether at home, the workplace, the marketplace, with friends, or in leisure time, your ability to connect, communicate, and influence others will determine the quality and success of your life.  

True leadership is influence. Influence is nothing more than understanding how to work with and through others to achieve a stated objective while staying true to your core values and maintaining your integrity.



4 Phases to Create Success - Free Webinar plus bonus Success Fundamentals eBook

Personal Production Webinar
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Richard Martinez is a recognized leader in the world of coaching, training, and mentoring. He is also an entrepreneur and a prominent expert in the fields of Business and Personal Development.