How to overcome problems

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 How to overcome problems and worries? 



We usually tend to give someone the responsibility of every negative thing that happens to us instead of taking it on our own. But what’s more important between the problem and the solution? Ask yourself that question. You have the right to choose whether to feel bad or work on solving itThe quality of your life is determined by your state and the power you have to overcome any negativity in your life.





It’s not the problem, It’s not your team, it’s not your manager, it’s not the coronavirus, it’s not the… you know, all this other stuff going on… it’s not external stuff that determines your state, it’s you.


So if you’re angry, whose decision is that? It’s really easy for us to be like oh no, of course, wouldn’t you get angry if someone did this to you? Or if this happened to you wouldn’t you get angry? We tend to do rather than just take responsibility… I can be angry but is that the best for me?


So any of these states that you’re in if you begin to think about the solution for the problem at hand in that state, you are messing up your future. You are gonna give yourself the lowest quality, answers, solutions which are gonna bring the lowest quality results for whatever you’re doing, a low-quality state equals low results.


But how about when you have clarity, you have clarity how much better are your solutions and you know your answer when you feel clear about what is the problem. When you looked at it this way, looked at it that way, you even get other people in on it and getting their feedback; now you have clarity about this problem doesn’t that change your state? Because if you’re not clear all of a sudden doubt can come up because you’re not clear. If you’re not clear you can get anxiety, you can get worried, you can get all these things because you’re not clear, it’s so scary, but if you learn how to think through things and you get clarity all of a sudden your state changes. All of a sudden you start to build some certainty like some confidence like ok, you know what? this is not so bad, I don’t like it, this doesn’t feel good, I wish this wasn’t here but you develop clarity because you know how to think things through right, you don’t have to have creative problem solving, so now that you’ve thought that when you’re getting clear, you’re getting more courage, more confidence, more certainty about yourself, now you’re like alright I got this! I can take care of this, I can overcome this, you start to have more gratitude about it, and all of a sudden your whole state has changed. It’s a really easy easy formula, better state equals better solutions. It’s very simple, it sounds simple but as a leader, you need to have the discipline to be able to notice oh okay, I have a problem, what is my state? You have to be aware, you have to have self-awareness.


In business, in career, the people who are the highest producer, the top producers, those are the ones who have the highest emotional intelligence, the ones who are aware of what’s going on here, the ones who know what kind of states, what kind of emotions are running through my body right now because I know as a leader if I have these low quality it’s going to mess up my results so I need to interrupt that real quick, generate for myself higher quality energy like these because I know that I’m gonna get better results from a better state. We need to be conscious of this guys, this is throughout the day you need to check what’s going through my body right now, what is my state because I need you to get this, okay, the quality of your life is determined by your state so right now if everybody in here let’s just pretend ok? if we were angry, you had anger running through your body right now, and you have right and reason you know something is going on of course you would be mad for this, you have anger in your body, let’s just think about that, at that very time that anger is defining the quality of your life in that anger, even if it’s for two minutes, that two minutes is determined and defined by that anger that you’re in so what kind of state, what kind of quality of life do you want to be in? More joy, more peace, more gratitude? That feels a lot better right? Like doesn’t everybody want more of that? So we need to generate that for ourselves because it’s just freaking good for us. You know but beyond that of course it’s going to create greater results because we’re getting better solutions because we’re in a better state.

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