Three Ways to Make Money

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People say that money isn’t what makes us happy but I will say that money sure makes many more people happy then poverty does.

A diamond used to be just a lump of coal, into the time and friction it became something very valuable to the world. It’s the same thing for human beings, they can be as a call but can become very valuable like a diamond.

 You and I can greatly increase our value to the world which intern can create a higher income for ourselves.


Money, money, money! Money is not everything but it sure helps you with everything, right?

You see, I believe it just amplifies what’s already inside of you so if you’re somebody who is just a jerk or somebody who just has bad intentions with money you’re gonna have more freedom to be able to do those things right? So more bad, more negative nor more evil is gonna come out, it’s just gonna amplify what’s already in you. If you’re somebody who is a good person who wants to contribute, who wants to help, who wants to make a difference, who wants to bring value with more money, you’re going to be able to bring more value right? It’s just going to amplify what’s already in you so money is not everything but it sure helps with everything and it amplifies the things that you want to do. So I want to talk about money, you know? I want to talk about three ways that you can make money, you know, in order to win this money game we need to understand the rules of the game right? It’s going to be hard to win a game when you don’t even understand the rules so when it comes to the money game I want to give you three simple rules to help you to win, with money, with your finances, so there are three ways for you to begin to create income to get cash flow. To make money. Three ways. Three ways to make money. 

One through your own efforts, through your personal efforts, two through the efforts of others, and number three when you get your money to work for you, will you get your money to work.

Three ways to make money. Let’s talk about each of these three ways now.

Number one: through your own efforts. This is your own personal production whether it’s you and your career in a job or you with your business, your personal production is going to depend, it’s going to determine the value that you bring right? Because in the marketplace you don’t just get paid for an hour, you can’t just say oh I get paid 20-30 dollars an hour, that’s not true. It’s the value that you bring during that hour, it’s your daily functions, the things that you do, the things that you accomplish, the things that you achieve, the value that you bring during that time is what makes you worth what you’re getting paid right, because if you’re not bringing enough value, your pay will go down but let me ask you this, can you, if the market place pays you for service renter right you give a service, you provide something of value, the market will pay you right so let me ask you this, can you double your value what you’re worth? The value that you bring, can you double it in the same amount of time? Yeah, you can right? You can be more valuable in the same amount of time. Can you triple your value the value that you bring in the same amount of time? Yes, you can right, this is how you add more value this is how you begin to, you know, raise your money, raise the money that you get, through your own efforts by making yourself more valuable which means you need to develop yourself which mean you need to understand what you’re doing, where you’re going, why you’re going there, develop certain skills so that you are more valuable to the company that you’re working for. If it’s your own business, it’s your own production, right? Like it’s what you sell, the interest that you create with the people around, the promotions that you make, those phone calls that you do, the conversions that you do like all the follow-ups, all this, is now dependent on your personal production even in your own business, so this is one way, for you to create money to bring value to your own efforts right? Through your own personal production of service render, your own personal results, and the value that you bring that’s the first way to make money.

Now the second one, you know now like whether you’re in your job or in your business right, your personal efforts that’s number one. Now number two, now let’s think bigger now let’s think ok? if I’m in my job I’m going to produce more results I’m going to make myself more valuable by getting other people to produce more results to get them to be more productive, to get them to achieve more, to get them to produce better numbers because that’s gonna reflect on my leadership which is gonna make me more valuable which is gonna raise my number so I can be getting paid more right? So I can get paid more now because of the efforts of others, this is me having that leadership mentality that build a team mentality, whether is the people that I work with internally, whether they work for me or not, it’s just me having that impact, that ripple effect where people are just going to be more productive around me because that’s gonna make me more valuable to the company right so we got to think that way like how can I make myself more valuable so I can get paid more do not just do my own efforts but through the efforts of others, how can I be a team leader, how can I be a duplicator, how can I be somebody who trains who develops who makes people around me more successful more productive because that’s gonna bring up my value or even in your own business right, this is you scaling through building a team now, whether you hire somebody as to be an employee and now you need to build them, you need to get them to produce also right because they need to bring some kind of income in to not only pay for their own overhead but to bring money to where you make money in your business, there has to be that margin right so you can make money off the efforts of others or you know that’s somebody who can be you know internally as your employee, there can be other another way where you can make money off the efforts of others by contracting somebody externally where they’re not on your payroll but they’re doing a service for you and you’re able to create a margin of what you can charge somebody else for them to do this part of what you need to do so that way there’s still some money that you make through the efforts of other right so, so far that’s two ways to make money through your personal efforts and now through the efforts of others. 

Now number three, get your money to work, get your money to stop being lazy just sitting around into that account that produces what point zero, two, three, maybe four percent interest rate having it in your savings account, in your bank. Come on, your money is not working, it’s being lazy, it's not doing anything for you there, you need to get smart, get your money to make your money. How about investing, whether its real estate if you know how to do that, if you don’t you can learn, you can start small, you can start to invest your money into you know some kind of real estate or you learn how to invest your money into putting your money into accounts to have a higher interest rate and then you get into this rule 72. Rule 72 says that you get the 72 you divided by the interest rate of the account that you have your money in and that will give you the number of years that it will take to double the money you have in there okay so you want to get your money and put it into an account where there’s a high-interest rate. That way is a good way to invest so you put your money into an index annuity or some kind of account that has a high-interest rate so you can double your money, your money is not now just sitting there it’s actually working for you so that’s the third way to get you to make money. 

Number one through your own personal efforts right, bring it! Produce the results to yourself, bring the value right, raise the value, do it! 

Number two: the efforts of others, now it’s not just you, now you get other people to have more impact, to produce results that make you more valuable too, now you’re making money off the efforts of others. 

Number three: get your money to make your money. Invest. Be smart. Whether it’s real estate or putting your money into an account, we’re just gonna get a high interest rate, make sure your money is bringing you money. Three ways to make money.

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