Importance of Connection in a Relationship

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What is the importance of connection in Relationships?



 The quality of our relationships determines and balances the quality of our life, and the most important thing is to constantly feed your relationship. To hear, to understand, to knowing them and considering them. The culprit of relationship problems is disconnection. It’s time for you to break the patterns that are sabotaging up your relationships.



Are you in a relationship where you’re just kinda comfortable, but there’s no really any passion, nothing with purpose like it’s not exciting, it’s not bringing you, making you alive, or you’re in a relationship?, and you just have the same problems, and you just keep going to same cycles and cycles, and you’re like “Man! Why do the same freaking problems keep happening in this relationship? I’m tired of the same problems”. Ever wondered why? I mean, this is really important, right? This is our relationship.


The quality of our relationships really determines our quality of life; if our relationship is going bad, how does it affect everything else? I mean, it really impacts how you work, how your peace is, it just adds so much stress in everything that you’re doing because of that relationship and the issues in that relationship, but why? Why do these problems keep happening, over and over and over? Why do you feel so frustrated in that relationship? Why do you feel like this is not really going anywhere? There is a reason. Those are just symptoms of a pattern. Those are not the problems. Those are just symptoms of something else, and that’s what I want to share with you.


Actually, come over here, come over here.  


You see, all problems in a relationship come from one thing; I’ll make this real simple for you. All problems come from one thing that is lacking in a relationship, and that is called DISCONNECTION. So how do you fix it? You bring connection, right? Connection is so important in a relationship. You see right here? This is power, right? Just think about our relationship not being plugged in.


There’s no power!


When you’re connected, there’s power. When you’re connected, there is life; there is energy that’s going through a relationship. How about this wood? This is fuel, right? Connection is like this fuel; when you put fuel in the fire when you put connection in the fire, it keeps the passion burning, and it’s all about the connection. All problems are just symptoms of disconnection in that relationship.


You wanna fix the problems? Fix connection: plugin. Connect intentionally! What makes them feel loved? So many times, we try to connect with people thinking like, “Whoa, this will make me feel loved, this will make me feel good, so I’m gonna do this for them,” and that’s not what makes them feel loved, that’s not what makes them feel good. Don’t make it about you. Make it about connecting to them. Get in their world, get into their heart, into their mind, and connect to them. Make them come alive, and once you’re there, FUEL.  FUEL relationships with connection. So just to put it all together for you, I’ll make it really clear, are you ready?




It’s a relationship; stop making it about you. Get rid of that selfishness that brings that disconnection that creates the problem in your relationship. So let’s just do that one; this is just one step thing. Kill selfishness. Turn down the volume to self. So that you can hear what the other person needs. Kill selfishness. Don’t make it about you.

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