5 Steps of Personal Growth

personal development Jun 25, 2021
5 Steps of Personal Growth

What is growth? What is Personal / Self Growth?

In general, growth refers to improvement of skills, knowledge, personal qualities and life goals. Growth is one of the most important topic. It is a process by which a person recognises and continually develops him/herself to reach their full potential. 


How Does Growth Change Your Life?

Growth helps in different areas of life. It can change the way you think about yourself and increase your chances of getting ahead. It helps to grow emotionally and psychologically to become a more loving, compassionate and positive person. To grow personally looks at your actions and life with an unbiased perspective. In doing so, you will know what you and your life needs to do.

 How to Set Goals?

Here are 5 steps which helps you to grow yourself:-

1) Clarity

Clarity is the first step of personal growth. This awareness provides the confidence to act. A clear vision helps to move forward successfully.  


2) Commitment

If you want personal development you cannot be a quitter. You must demonstrate your commitment to work or your goals. There are always speed bumps towards the path to success, but you have shown commitment to the end goal even in hard times.


3) Courage

You soon will be identified when you make the decision to take the first step. If you're not creative or smart, you need to be the bravest at least! Face the challenges and be the first to get things moving and go for it. Don't give up because people often follow fearless leaders.


4) Capability

Through building capability you enable yourself to meet future challenges; experiences and organisational learning; play as a role model for personal development and growth.


5) Confidence

Confidence is a super power. If you don't believe in yourself, you are not going to be able to achieve what you want or become what you want to be. This is one another reason people fail to succeed due to lack of confidence in their abilities, in their dreams. 


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