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This is a simple but powerful system to help you set your goals properly. So when you are setting yourself goals (or deciding what to do today) aim for the Outcome not the Activity. This will help you to focus on getting things done, which will add a sense of urgency, allow you to measure your success and generally improve your morale as well.



 Right now everybody is talking about goals, New Year’s resolutions.


“Oh, 2021 is gonna be the best year ever”, “Oh I’m so glad 2020 is over because 2021’s gonna be better”.


How do you know that? Just because you’re hoping? Just because you’re crossing your fingers? Just because you know, you posted it on social media?




You have to really know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, when you’re going to get there by, who you’re going to get there with, and know how to measure and track yourself to make sure that you’re growing because whatever you don’t measure you can’t manage, and whatever you don’t manage you can’t grow. You know most, they have so much excitement, so much motivation, so much passion, dedication, commitments, it seems like to these new goals, these New Year’s resolutions, new habits and behaviors that they want to create but then, within the next couple weeks, they give up, why?


You see, most of the time they’re basing their New Year’s resolutions or new goals off of a reaction to a reaction to something negative. “Oh, I feel too fat therefore I want to lose weight” “Oh I don’t have enough money and I’m struggling over here, therefore, I want to make more”. It’s based on a reaction to something negative and that’s why people quit because it’s not strong enough to get them through those times when it gets inconvenient and uncomfortable.


You see, when you’re going towards these big goals on your way, you’re going to stretch yourself, you’re going to go into uncharted territory, things that you haven’t done, things that you need to learn so it’s going to be uncomfortable. It’s going to be inconvenient sometimes and if you don’t have something stronger than just “Oh, I hope to, you know, tomorrow’s better or next week, better next month. Next year’s better.


If you don’t have something stronger than that, you’re going to quit. So if you want to stay motivated, you got to have a clear motive. Your motive is directly connected to your motivation so if you lose motivation it’s because you lost focus on your real motive and if your motive is based on something negative it’s not going to be strong enough to push and pull you through but if you can see the possibility. If you can see the potential, if you can see the solution, if you can see the good, the benefits, the rewards that are past this struggle all of a sudden you have a reason, right? That vision of where you’re going gives this pain a purpose and now you’re pushing and pulling through anything that comes through and you don’t quit and you create the life that you want but you first need clarity.


Most people quit their goals because they’re not clear enough. They’re not clear enough on where they’re going, how they’re going to get there when they’re going to get there by who they’re going to there with, and how to track it.


This is why I created this system right here behind me. This is the goal system and I use this with a lot of my high achieving high performing, you know clients and this helps them to get these big goals, these big projects that they have, it simplifies it, put it into a process, into a system so that way you will accomplish it like there’s no way that you won’t.


This system will kill procrastination. If you deal with procrastination, if you struggle with that, doing this system right here will take care of that. If you’re somebody who is like I don’t know how to manage my time, I can’t get those main things done, this system right here will take care of your time management problem.


If you’re someone who maybe loses motivation often like “Oh man, I don’t feel motivated to do it.” This system will keep your motive so clear for you that you will not lose your motivation and therefore you will not lose your momentum because you’ll continue taking action.


This system right here is very powerful, this is actually a small part of the Life Mastery System that I created, it’s a planner agenda that is very powerful to help you to accomplish everything that you have and this is just one tool that’s in that system.


The goal system.


So right now I want you to actually apply this okay? I’m gonna show you how this works but first I want you to know that when you have a goal, it takes dedication, it takes commitment. Having a goal is like having a freaking child, when you have a child, you don’t just have a child and say “Ok, I’m a dad”. No, you have to raise it, you don’t just have a child, you gotta raise a child, you gotta pour into it, you gotta sacrifice for it, give it your time, yourself, your wealth, you gotta train it up so that it can independent and walk on its own, okay, it takes commitment and you gotta be very clear on this.


This is why this system really helps and it really works. It produces results, I’ve used this all around the world with different people at a different level in different industries, it works for everyone so right now, I know you have a lot of goals but let’s just focus on one right now and you can use this for any other one, you can apply it to any other one you want but let’s just focus on one right now just for the exercise sake okay.


So focus on one goal, I want you to get a piece of paper, on the top of the paper write down: Main goal. Then I want you to write down what is your main goal right here, simple, simply put, it could be spiritually, financially, relationally, you know in your health, in any aspect of your life but just get clear on one goal and write it right there on top of the paper. Now that we have that main goal okay, what are the four main things that you know you should be doing right now, what are the four things that you should be doing right now to make sure that you accomplish that one goal. Write them down. So here’s one, you’re gonna write it down. What is this one thing that I know I should be doing right now to accomplish this one goal? And then there two, three, and four, you want for, make these things simple okay? There’s a quote that says complexity is the enemy of execution.

Complexity is the enemy of execution.

If you think about that, it’s because when things are so complicated just like “I don’t understand, can I do this”, there’s so many questions and doubts because it’s not clear therefore you don’t take action because you’re not so confident about doing it but when you’re clear, when it’s simple all of a sudden you feel confident and you start to take action, so we need to make it simple. That’s what this whole system does.

So, you have your main goal okay, so now the four main things you need to be doing to accomplish that one main goal so for example if I want to be healthier. To be healthier maybe one of the things I need is to drink more water. Maybe I need to exercise more, maybe I need to eat more vegetables, maybe it’s meal prep. Maybe those would be the four main things that I need to do to be healthier this year right, so or let’s say another thing is I want to better my relationship with anybody, what are the four things you need to do to better your relationship. It could be all, I need to, you know, spend quality time with them more and to be more affectionate and to give them compliments, I need to make sure I maybe give them a gift here and there, you know maybe I have specific things here that I can do intentionally and consistently to meet my one goal of bettering that relationship or maybe it’s to grow your business. What are the four main things that you need to be doing now that you know you should be doing now?  That will help you to grow your business and you write them down right here, maybe it’s making phone calls, maybe it’s follow-up calls, maybe it’s more marketing?  Maybe it’s investing or hiring somebody to scale your business.


What are the four main things that you need to do to meet that one main goal?


So now we’re gonna start to get more detailed, so you have your main goal, you have the four main things, now we’re gonna work our way down here.


The first thing that you need to do, how are you gonna do this, write it down right here, simply put how gonna do this first main thing you’re working your way down, when you’re gonna do it by or maybe it’s not just when like a deadline, maybe it’s a schedule because maybe it’s something that you need to do, you know a few times a week or maybe every day so you need to have it on your calendar as a schedule so that’s a part of your win.


So when can be your deadline, when you need to get it done by or when can be, what days you’re going to be doing this thing that you need to do, to accomplish that one main goal. And then who, who’s going to be a part of this thing that you need to do. This one thing is there anybody involved, maybe a coach, maybe another partner, maybe a co-worker, maybe somebody external, or somebody in the family. Is anybody need to, maybe not, be a part of this first thing that you need to do.


The last thing is track, how you’re going to track it, so if this was exercising I’m going to track how many reps I did, how long I took, how much weight I put to track, and be consistent to know that I’m producing the results that I want okay. So whatever it is, find the way to track it, then you go to the second thing. You go to the same thing, how, when, who, how are you going to monitor it, how you’re gonna track it.


The third thing, the same thing, you’re working away each one of these now when you get done with that, now you’re so clear on what you need to do to make sure you need to accomplish this one main goal, this is the goal system.


Your main goal, the four main things that you need to do to accomplish that one main goal, and then now through each one of those things you start to write down okay how am I going to accomplish with one thing, when am I going to accomplish it by and what days do I need to do it on. Who’s gonna be a part of this and how am I going to track it and measure it so I can manage it and make sure that it grows.


This is the gold tool system and it will change your life.

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