Group Growth Program


Richard Martinez offers you the opportunity to be part of a group of ambitious people who want to grow exponentially in all areas of their lives to achieve their goals!

Take the opportunity and fill yourself up with energy, get to share your experiences, and enjoy this group process in which both you and the people who will do the program with you can empower each other and thus, together, accomplish everything you set out to achieve!

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The 3 Essential Steps of Group Growth

Step 1: Clarity & 4 Square Exercise

The first step is success is clarity. You must be clear on what you want, why you want it and how you will achieve it. This session is focused on helping you get clarity on your family, business and individual goals and what needs to be done in order to achieve them. Without being clear, you will be afraid, hesitate and procrastinate. With clarity you will have motivation, transformation and consistent action.

Step 2: The Goal Setting Tool

Mindset and how to create a goal in the most powerful way. This session is focused on getting a clear action plan and system for everyone’s goals. Each will know exactly what needs to be done to reach the goal.

Step 3: The 5 Habits of Personal Production 

This session is about the 5 main habits that each family member needs to have in place in order to be consistent in their production and results. You will learn how to get more done with less stress.

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