How to Pick a Good Business Coach?

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How to Pick a Good Business Coach?

Business Coaches for Entrepreneur

Professional development and continuous learning is one of the most important pillars of success in business. This is because business as a phenomenon never remains static. In order to succeed, a company has to grow, and in order for any company to grow sustainably, its leadership must be prepared to learn new skills or explore new ideas. Some skills are easily honed in the natural course of doing business. After all, practice makes perfect. On the other hand, some skills require the expert guidance of a knowledgeable authority. This is where understanding how to pick a good business coach can have a huge impact.

What Should you Look For?

If you’re going to solicit! the services of a business coach, make sure that the coach you choose is a consummate learner who sees continuous professional development as an essential feature of doing business. This type of development is not an optional cost, but a core requirement. A good coach should be the type of person who can identify learning needs in others, and address intellectual blind spots as they come into awareness during interaction. The coach you choose should be able to articulate a plan which transitions your company through four main stages of growth. These are:


1) Unconscious Incompetence     

This is a state in which an individual or an entity makes mistakes because they do not know ! the difference between right and wrong. They are genuinely negligent of their own shortcomings, which makes them powerless to change for the better without proper guidance.

2) Conscious Incompetence

This is a state in which an individual or an entity makes mistakes, even when they know the difference between right and wrong. Transitioning into conscious incompetence requires acknowledgement of mistakes in the first place, and faith in one’s abilities to overcome past mistakes. The right coach builds upon this faith, and reinforces it.

3) Conscious Competence

This is a state in which an individual or an entity makes the commitment to improve through experimentation, knowledge-acquisition or practice. It’s the point at which the advice of a coach is acted upon so as to achieve specific positive outcomes.

4) Unconscious Competence

This is a state in which an individual or an entity makes good decisions as a matter of instinct rather than practice. They have adopted new knowledge so well that it’s become part and parcel of their very nature. Always remember that your ultimate goal when seeking the services of ! a business coach is to become self-sufficient after learning from them.



It’s considered common knowledge these days that having a business coach can make you a better and more successful business owner. Whether you’re at the early startup stage, or you’re ready to expand into corporate operations, a coach can push you to see your true potential. They can provide an unbiased opinion which will keep you on track to hitting your business goals. That being said, remember to choose wisely if you’re currently in the process of searching for the right coach. Whoever you work with should be prepared to accompany you on a journey which leads to independence and enlightenment. Business coaching isn’t a permanent technical ritual like athletic coaching. It’s a process of mediated introspection and self-discovery. For business development coaching by Richard Martinez, call at 626-202-2291 or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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