7 Steps Business Consultation

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7 Step Business Consultation

What are the principles of self-development as Business Owner / Leader?

When it comes to building a business, our energy is super important. If you have lack of energy, you are performing low. As a Business Owner or Leader, you have to set and maintain the energy level. You can’t expect others to maintain their energy level if you’re not able to do the same, so monitor and nurture your energy level. So, as a high achiever / performer you need to balance your energy.



Here are 7 Principles of Health a Business Owner/Leader should integrate in their life:-


1) Drink Enough Water

We all need several glasses of fluid a day. Water is essential for transporting food, oxygen and mineral salts, in addition to being present in what is eliminated such as sweat and tears, in blood plasma, in joints, in the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems. 

Water is one of the main remedies that nature offers. It is the main constituent component of our body, and that is why it is essential to meet our daily needs. Ideally is not to wait to drink water only when you feel thirsty, as this sensation is already a warning that the body's situation is critical. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and brain is 93% and it needs to be re-hydrated and refreshed every 24 hours to work effectively.


2) Get More Sunshine

One of the best healing part to many lifestyle diseases is to consume sunshine. Just like other living things, our body require sunshine to grow, develop, repair and regenerate.

Now a days, we are working in indoor environment when the sun is out and we get home sun is down. Get out in the sun 20-30 minutes a day. The best time is when sun rise in the morning or between 9-11 A.M. in or after 2 P.M. 


3) Get More Fresh Air

It is essential to look for places where there is ventilation and fresh air can be breathed. The ideal way is to live in a pollution free environment and air is still pure, free from chemicals that harm the body. 

The best thing is to walk in a park at least on weekends, breathe deeply through your nose, taking in as much air as possible.


4) Clean and Healthy Diet

Healthy diet involves two aspects: avoid foods that harm the body and use foods that are beneficial in moderation, especially vegetarian foods rich in fiber and nutrients found in whole foods. You have to be honest with yourself, look at your diet, review the ingredients. Try to buy fresh vegetable from the local market.


5) Exercise

Regular physical activity / exercise keeps your thinking, learning, and judgement skills sharp. It can also reduce your risk of depression and anxiety and help you sleep better. The Immune system, which protect our bodies by cleaning our blood and cells is stimulated by exercise.


6) Healthy Relationships

There is an inherent need of humans to build relationships, and if these relationships are healthy it can lead to better mental health and emotional well-being.  


7) Be Passionate

We love doing things we are passionate about. It is a driving force of our life. It make us happy and give us more energy. The people who are passionate are healthy people. They are more vibrant with more energy and are diseases free than others. 

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