5 Trivial Things that Make Small Businesses Vulnerable to Burglary

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5 Trivial Things that Make Small Businesses Vulnerable to Burglary

How can a company prevent burglary?

Having an office building or an office-space broken into is devastating.  Unfortunately, most business owners tend to underestimate just how much thieves and robbers are attracted to offices.  Break-ins are never taken seriously until after the fact.  But the damage is already done by then, and it’s difficult to pick up the pieces.  The bad news is that criminals exist, and it takes work to deter them.  The good news though, is that it’s possible to protect yourself when you understand how criminals behave.


Burglars Prowl Around Offices Too

Security Expert Mike Ginty explains that, “According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 20 seconds. While we all take precautions to safeguard our homes, we don’t always think about our place of work. The fact is that hundreds of thousands of non-residential buildings get burglarized every day. Break-ins lead to a general feeling of insecurity amongst employees, staff, customers and others who are affected.”

Here are a few prime possessions that burglars tend to go after in office buildings:


1) Food/Snacks

Sometimes burglaries are orchestrated by criminal masterminds.  But most of the time they happen because of homeless people and idle wanderers.  Leaving food on display gives petty thieves a reason to smash-and-grab.


2) Items of Clothing/Jewellery

Clothing and jewellery or another reason why petty thieves like breaking into office-spaces.  If you want to avoid getting burgled, such items should always be stored out of view.


3) Stray Documents

Office buildings are usually large reservoirs of files and documents.  Files and documents which identity thieves or hackers rely on to victimize people.  The more paperwork exists in an office-space, the more it should be filed securely under lock-and-key.


4) Electronics

Office electronics tend to be heavy-duty and high-end.  Such equipment can be resold in black markets at a profit.  The more equipment is housed in an office-space, the more a business should invest in heavy protection for its entryways.


5) Petty Cash

The first thing a burglar will look for during a break in is the cash register.  Never leave large amounts of money in an office building.  And if there must be cash at an office, use a strong safe.



If you want to keep your office protected, the best preemptive option is to maintain it in a neat and tidy way.  Cluttered premises create the impression that occupants are neglectful.  Beyond keeping things tidy though, it’s also smart to invest in security equipment like alarms, surveillance systems and heavy-duty locks.  The bottom line is that office-spaces need to be safeguarded against two main types of criminals: premeditated burglars, as well as spontaneous ones.

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