5 Tactical Steps that Show to Practice Action-Oriented Leadership

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5 Tactical Steps that Show to Practice Action-Oriented Leadership

How to practice action-oriented leadership?

In business, making plans is easy. Sometimes it’s even fun to brainstorm and come up with idea after idea on how to achieve success. But there’s one important thing to remember. All the planning in the world can barely accomplish anything without the will to act. Strong leaders recognize that there’s a time to plan, and there’s a time to act. And when it’s time to act, goals should be pursued with a sense of purpose.


Action Needs Momentum

Systems Engineer/Leadership Strategist Hilary Jane Grosskopf explains that, “An action-oriented leader guides a vision forward in order to reach objectives, and make progress. And vision is the foundation for successful action-oriented leadership. Vision is about creating clarity as to what an organization’s purpose truly is, and how to accomplish that purpose in action.”

Here are a few quick tips on how to be an action-oriented leader:


1) Engage your Creativity

Before committing to a potential course of action, use your imagination to analyze it. Define the parameters of success, and articulate what it is you will specifically do to materialize this success.


2) Build a Systematic Strategy for your Ambitions

Every journey in life has a place of origin, a process of advancement, and a destination.  It’s impossible to make progress towards a destination, without a clear strategy for advancement.


3) Analyze the Context of your Strategy

If there are any potential challenges to success, adapt your strategy in a way that compensates for these hurdles.  Open-mindedness is key to flexible and pragmatic decision-making.


4) Assemble the Resources you Need to Succeed

Make sure you are equipped to make valuable decisions, and that you also have the ability to coordinate your resources.


5) Execute

Use all of the understanding gained from strategic preparations to confidently proceed with your intentions. If you understand your goals, you understand your strategy, and you understand your resources, nothing should stop you from enacting sound decisions.



When it comes to getting things done in life, your motivation should come from one fundamental principle. That the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Thinking about the finish line can be intimidating, but inching towards it is the only way to find success. All you have to do is focus on one task at a time, one day at a time.

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