5 Strategic Mistakes That Inhibit Small Businesses From Creating Customer Loyalty

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5 Strategic Mistakes that Inhibit Small Businesses from Creating Customer Loyalty

Transacting with customers is more than just a matter of exchanging money for goods and services.  Customers are human beings. Which means they have unique and nuanced needs which have to be respected whenever they make purchases.  Big business understands how to cater to these needs using sophisticated methods.  But on the opposite end of the spectrum, small businesses usually have to go the extra mile to figure out a good rhythm with customer service.


Treat Your Customers Right

Online Marketing Executive Henry Brown suggests that, “Some mistakes can seriously compromise the pull of a company’s brand, and potentially alienate prospective or existing customers. For better or worse, customers want the best of both worlds when it comes to small businesses. They want the personalized service of a humble storefront, but the same sense of assurance that they get from huge multinational corporations.”

Here are a few shortcomings that stop small businesses from impressing customers:


1) Divisive Messaging

Never resort to controversy or polarization to create publicity when selling products.  There is such a thing as bad publicity, and its negative energy can boomerang in a detrimental way.


2) Lackluster Customer Service

Customers should always feel safe and reassured when transacting.  Which is why the actual process of interacting with customers should always be dictated by professionalism and decency.


3) Aggressive Sales Strategies

Being aggressive with customers might create short term results, but in the long term, it’s a turnoff.  Customers don’t like feeling coerced into making purchases.  They prefer gentle persuasion.


4) Oblivious Business Models

Reaching out to customers without knowing anything about them is basically like flying blind.  Whenever possible, use demographic data and statistics to guide customer outreach.


5) Nickel-and-Diming Customers

If a company wants to win over customers, the easiest approach is to help them save money.  Make it clear that customer-satisfaction has a higher priority than money-making.



Good customer service is more than just a matter of figuring out what to do right.  It also requires understanding what not to do when dealing with customers.  The bottom-line is, foster the right kind of atmosphere.  Create a situation where customers feel comfortable extending their trust and loyalty.

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