5 Mistakes to Avoid When Drafting Mission Statements

personal development startups Jul 12, 2021
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Drafting Mission Statements

Why mission statements fails?

If you own a company that’s been growing for a while, chances are you’re starting to think beyond the crude mechanics of operations.  You’re probably contemplating things like branding, or the philosophy behind your business.  This moment of enlightenment is a very sensitive time, and it’s important to get the ideology of your enterprise right.  Especially when it comes to one symbol in particular.  Mission statements.


Make a Good Impression

Business Expert Minda Zetlin suggests that, “A mission statement can be a forceful way to motivate yourself, and your team, toward a common goal. But if mission statements are powerful, they are also tough to get right. A good mission statement should provide employees, and the world at large, with one or two key goals that define success in your universe. If a business can't get that into a sentence or two, it’s best to go back to the drawing-board.”


Here are a few gaffes to avoid when composing mission statements:


1) Typos/Grammatical Mistakes

The first thing that should always be flawless about a mission statement is its grammar. Make sure there are no spelling errors, or grammatical lapses that could lead to innuendo or confusion.


2) Vagueness

Mission statements are supposed to be aspiration. But they shouldn’t be so poetic that no one can figure out what they mean. There’s nothing wrong with a little simplicity in mission statements.


3) Cheesiness

The only thing worse than having grammatical mistakes in a mission statement is using cliché language. Mission statements should be thought-provoking and clever. They should balance between grabbing people’s attention, while leaving a lot to the imagination.


4) Lengthiness

Mission statements aren’t supposed to be essays. They should be concise, and direct. When someone hears a mission statement, they should be able to assign meaning to it without contemplating too much.


5) Over-Ambitiousness

Mission statements should be grand. But be careful not to promise the sun, moon and stars. Encapsulate a higher calling in your mission statement without being melodramatic.



Mission statements aren’t just talk. Companies the world over take the time to design mission statements because they play a vital role in culture-formation. A clear mission statement creates a climate in which two important things can happen. Firstly, customers can learn about a company’s guiding principles from its mission statement.  Secondly, employees can find a perpetual source of inspiration that optimizes their decision-making.

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