4 Steps that Show How to Get Results in Business Using Scientific Thinking

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4 Steps that Show How to Get Results in Business, Using Scientific Thinking

How we can use Scientific Thinking in Business?

There are many different approaches that people use to solve problems in life. But when it comes to doing business, science is a superior option. A scientific thought-process is ideal for business because it encourages people to be systematic, and reflective in their behaviors.  A scientific approach helps people to manage resources in a convenient way.


Science Can Save the Day

Corporate Consultant Alan Howgrave-Graham suggests that, “Business primarily focuses on profit-generation and growth. But the benefits of science to business would be through the development of new products, and improvement of processes. Additionally, business could also benefit from logical scientific thinking and research.”

Here’s a quick explanation of how to solve business-related problems, using a scientific method:


1) Make a List of Questions and Hypotheses

When faced with a problem or dilemma, the first step towards developing solutions should be to explore hypotheses. Write down a series of questions or opening statements that relate to the issue at hand. The more questions generated, the more information can be collected.  This will be the starting point of further brainstorming.


2) Gather Data

With a clear idea of the hypotheses you want to investigate, start collecting information that can shed some light on the unknown.  A good way to gain more understanding about data is to generate charts, or to decipher surveys. Charts and surveys are an organized way of interpreting raw information.


3) Arrange the Facts Obtained from Data into a Thesis

Once all collected data has been explored, analyze and rank your conclusions according to relevance.  These conclusions are known as theses.  They are foundational statements which establish cause/effect relationships between variable phenomena.


4) Implement a Thesis-Driven Strategy

With a clear idea of the dynamics involved in potential courses of action, make decisions which derive guidance from the information discovered during analysis. Use your findings to be efficient, and accurate.



Understanding how to use scientific-method is an invaluable skill. Especially because it cultivates effective decision-making. Decision-making in business shouldn’t just be a process of random assumption. Rather, it should involve fact-based, honest examination of the elements at play in transactions.

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