4 Lapses in Judgement which Hold People Back When Negotiating

Jul 27, 2021
4 Lapses in Judgement which Hold People Back When Negotiating

Negotiating is one of the most important skills to possess in business.  Particularly because business is all about managing resources, and coordinating with stakeholders.  The sad thing about negotiation is that many people misunderstand what it’s truly about.  We tend to view negotiation as a straightforward dialogue, when it’s actually an intricate ritual of persuasion. Negotiation has to be performed with skill, and timing, in order for it to work out well.


Get Your Head in the Game

Author Meina Liu explains that, “Negotiations take place in a wide array of forms, whether to resolve a dispute, or to generally find valuable solutions to prevailing problems. Because negotiation is a dynamic communication process where new information and variables may arise, negotiators should always be prepared to deal with contingencies or factors that may interfere with their intended goals.”

Here are a few basic mistakes that make it difficult to be an effective negotiator:


1) Having Rigid Expectations and Demands

Negotiation might be enhanced by structure and preparation, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to unpredictable obstacles.  When hurdles present themselves, it’s important to understand how to evolve and adapt your expectations.


2) Going into Discussions with Limited Information

Knowledge is power during negotiation.  So the more you understand about your counter party, and the context of negotiation, the more you can persuasively build stable consensus.


3) Making Negotiation a Zero-Sum Game

Whenever possible, always strive to achieve win/win outcomes during negotiations.  Instead of viewing negotiations as transactions, viewed them as opportunities to create allies.


4) Forgetting About Personalities

Negotiation is an act of human interaction. That means it’s necessary to exercise emotional intelligence in order to succeed at it. Catering to people’s personalities makes it easier to find common ground.



Negotiation is actually a very sophisticated combination of art, and science.  On one hand, negotiation requires an ability to think outside the box, and use creative improvisation.  On the other hand, it’s also important to be analytical and deductive when negotiating.  Figuring out how to balance these two ways of thinking is a guarantee that you’ll approach negotiation with a leg up.

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