4 Game-Changing Hacks That Can Dramatically Boost Views on Videos

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4 Hacks That Can Dramatically Boost Views on Videos

Most people who use social media recognize that videos are an important part of the experience. Especially when it comes to content creation, be that as it may, uploading videos to social media requires careful forethought. The only way to maximize views is by striking a balance between art and science.


There’s a Lot More to It Than Recording:

Author/Product Marketer Alfred Lua suggests, “Video is taking over social media. Over 8 billion videos (or 100 million hours of videos) are watched on Facebook every day. In fact, companies that use videos in their marketing grow revenue 49% faster year on year than those which don’t. Creating videos can be challenging, but it isn’t as difficult as you might have imagined.” Here are a few important rules on how to optimize videos for social-media projects:


   I.    Film Vertical Videos for Mobile Users, and Horizontal Videos for Computers:

A video should only be recorded horizontally or vertically depending on how the majority of viewers are likely to access it. If it’s going to be watched on a smartphone, then vertical videos will occupy the most surface area on the screen. The opposite is true for desktop computers.


  II.    Include/Format Captions:

Not everybody is going to be in a position to watch a video with the sound on. This is why captions are a must-have on content. Not only do captions accommodate people with disabilities, but they also ensure viewership when phones are muted.


  III.    Optimize Length for Different Platforms:

Different social media platforms have different average lengths on overall uploads. If a platform predominantly hosts short-form videos, it’s best to conform to such a format. The same applies to platforms that host longer-duration videos.


  IV.    Put Effort into a Creative Thumbnail:

A thumbnail is the first point of contact between potential viewers and a posted video. So design thumbnails that are eye-catching yet compatible with the theme of a video.



The best way to come up with ideal videos is to reverse-engineer viewership. Considering how audiences will interact with a video should dictate how it’s compiled. When viewers are provided with convenience, there’s a bigger chance that a video will go viral. If you like what you just read from our blog, you’ll love the various informative courses, workshops, and events listed on our websites and social media. Whether you’re interested in personal development, health and wellness, bettering your relationships, or the overall improvement of your business, give us a call at 1 (800) 913-0222 to find out how Richard Martinez can help you break past your daily struggles and start soaring in success.

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