4 Concrete Fears that Every Entrepreneur Has to Wrestle With

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4 Concrete Fears that Every Entrepreneur Has to Wrestle With

What are the fears of an entrepreneur?

Everyone who goes into business might have different challenges and experiences to go through.  But there’s one universal emotion that all entrepreneurs share, regardless of their lines of work.  Fear.  Business is so full of uncertainty that fear is part-and-parcel of the entrepreneurial journey.  Understanding how to manage stress and fear in particular, is crucial for success in business.


Turn Fear into Fire

Business Coach Rhiannon Leila explains that, “There is a great deal of fear involved in starting your business, growing it, and taking it to the next level. Every entrepreneur has to deal with it. Sometimes you don’t want to do anything because you’re scared to death and you need a little extra push from someone close to you. When that happens, a support system is crucial, and is one of the best ways to help overcome your fear.”

Here’s a quick list of four inevitable fears you’ll face as an entrepreneur:


1) Fear of Taking Risks

Entrepreneurship always involves big and complicated decisions.  The only way to survive in a business environment is by figuring out how to exercise good judgment. Especially when risk is involved.


2) Fear of Rejection

Entrepreneurs are constantly involved in seduction and persuasion. Some stakeholders will be receptive to your message, while others won’t.  As an entrepreneur, rejection shouldn’t stop you from working towards your ultimate goals.


3) Fear of Failure

Sometimes projects and ideas turn out to be resounding successes.  But sometimes, the opposite ends up happening.  Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be so naïve as to expect that every risk taken will produce a reward. What matters is accumulating victories which outnumber defeats.


4) Fear of Financial Losses

There’s a famous proverb about business that says, ‘it takes money, to make money.’ And this proverb exists because it’s true.  It is not reasonable for any entrepreneur to imagine that they can go into business without ever losing or spending a single dime. The focus should be on making profits which overshadow the losses.



Fear is so natural and common, that it shouldn’t be an emotion that anyone feels ashamed of.  Especially when it comes to business.  The key to overcoming fears associated with entrepreneurship is determination.  Focus on making good progress, in spite of any existing concerns and insecurities.

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