4 Solid Safety Tips for Women Who Walk/Travel Alone at Night

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4 Solid Safety Tips for Women Who Walk/Travel Alone at Night

Walking shouldn’t be a dangerous thing to do. But thanks to the nuisance of constant harassment, women rarely ever feel safe walking alone. Especially in the dark. Until society learns to respect women’s right to privacy, the sad reality is that walking continues to be a risky process for women.


Take Precautions When Walking:

Author Rebecca Solnit explains that “In more parts of our world than we would like to admit, women still can’t walk at night. A big reason for this is the sexualization of women in general. Ironically, big cities are often the safest places to walk at night — because so many people stay up late. But it’s in these very cities where women often find it the most challenging to walk.” Here are a few quick safety tips on how to reduce vulnerability when walking:


      I.        Stay Alert:

Whenever you walk alone, the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself is to scan your surroundings. Keep your head up, and look forward. Don’t spend too much time looking down or away. You might get ambushed if you’re distracted.


    II.        Carry a Makeshift Weapon:

Violence should always be a last resort when protecting yourself. But if the need to use force arises, make sure you’re ready with a weapon. At the very least, you should carry non-violent deterrents such as whistles, pepper spray, or mace.


   III.        Avoid Spontaneous Walking:

Instead of winging it when you embark on a journey, make sure to plan your route in advance. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect throughout the entire walk, and you’ll project confidence as you walk. Walk at a steady, brisk pace, and walk facing traffic to keep yourself visible. Beware of wandering aimlessly if you get lost.


   IV.        Walk with a Companion:

There’s a reason why they say there’s strength in numbers. If you ever feel unsafe taking a walk, don’t hesitate to call a friend, and ask for some company until you reach your destination. This way, someone knows where you are at all times. If walking with a partner isn’t an option at all, at least let someone else know you’ll be walking somewhere by yourself.



It might not be within your control to make your surroundings safer, but it is possible to take small protective measures. Plan ahead before taking a walk, Include other people in your travel plans, and constantly practice situational awareness. If you like what you just read from our blog, you’ll love the various informative courses, workshops, and events listed on our websites and social media. Whether you’re interested in personal development, health and wellness, bettering your relationships, or the overall improvement of your business, give us a call at 1 (800) 913-0222 to find out how Richard Martinez can help you break past your daily struggles and start soaring in success.

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