3 Guiding Principles that Should Inform Your Personal Definition of Success

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3 Guiding Principles that Should Inform Your Personal Definition of Success

What are your guiding principles? Why guiding principles are important?

If you asked anyone off the street what their deepest desire is, chances are the answer would be unanimous. To have success. That being said, if you went ahead and asked them to describe this success in detail, most would have trouble pinpointing a specific or realistic vision. 

Unfortunately, this conceptual ambiguity is one of the biggest psychological hurdles to success itself. If you want to do well in life, it’s important to commit to practical, and grounded expectations of success.

Dream Big, Not Crazy

Author Brian Tracey suggests that “Luckily, personal success is not a matter of background, intelligence, or native ability. Instead, the key to success in life is striving to get the very best out of ourselves, under all conditions and circumstances. 

It is your ability to adapt and change your life. You have within you, right now, deep reserves of potential and ability that, if properly harnessed and channeled, will enable you to accomplish extraordinary things.” Here are a few core philosophies to follow when coming up with strategies for success:

 Principles to guide your life and business

 1) Make Room for Enjoyment

There are many paths to success in life, but each of them involves sacrifice. If what you’re doing doesn’t even allow you to stop and smell the roses now and then, making it to the top will feel hollow. Work hard, but don’t forget to play hard too.

 2) Seek to Make a Difference in the World             

Success gives people the power to make two critical choices: either to be kind or to be selfish. Considering the fact that you can’t take it with you to the grave, it’s more honorable to succeed in a way that uplifts others. Doing your part to be a humanitarian, leaves a legacy that will live on for generations.

3) Don’t Sacrifice Your Integrity in the Process

 Jesus Christ once asked, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” Using corruption to find success has toxic consequences. At the very least, it will weigh on your conscience. 


 When coming up with a plan for your life, it’s important to strike a balance between common sense, and aspirations. On one hand, logical thinking can show you how to make calculated, systematic progress. On the other hand, creative thinking can inspire you to challenge yourself by reaching for the stars. Both of these approaches are part-and-parcel of charting an innovative path towards meaningful success. 

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